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A.Muralidhara Rao



By A.Muralidhara Rao, IRS(Retd.)., Coach Team India

Promotion of game of table tennis at grass root level depends largely on administrators, coaches for the development of game at grass root level. 

Role of the coaches in grass root level development

 Coaches should have: 

  •  Sound knowledge of the basic strokes and the ability to manage large groups of trainees
  •  Skill in drawing the attention of the trainees with good communication ability for imparting knowledge
  •  The ability to motivate the trainees to learn and have keen observation skills to spot the talent in the player pool
  •  Ability to organise competitions with in the groups to observe them under pressure to assess their potential 
  •  Focus in increasing the fitness levels, both physical and mental, and develop a training plan by dividing the players in to groups as they learn skills 
  •  Good rapport with the parents and administrators.  
  • To access the full file Brief on Grass Root Development

Dhronacharya A.Srinivasa Rao


During Covid - 19 What to do & Advice to the Players 

Achanta Srinivasa Rao N.I.S (Table Tennis)
Dhronacharya Awardee - 2018

My advice to all the players who aspire to achieve higher goals:

* Set your goals high.

* Work towards them. Don’t lose heart or quit. As time goes it becomes habitual.

* Take every practice session seriously.

* Keep basic style of the game in your mind.

* Prepare well before every match.

* Have an idol to look upto but don’t try to imitate their style. (set your own pattern).

* Maintain diary. Refer to it when you are playing a repeat opponent.

* Always have a positive mind set. (especially during this pandemic)

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