Tamil Nadu Table Tennis Association

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ITTF publishes COVID-19 Recommendations


Words animated gif images | Free animated gif colorful letters picture  download | Text gif animation - Clipartsmania.comThe ITTF is developing official guidelines, which must be implemented by all organisers of future ITTF events in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Points: 

Face masks must be worn at all times when using any kind of transportation, whether official or public;

The total number of entries will be determined by ITTF in line with the total  max. number of people allowed to attend an international event, according to the recommendation and guidance of the host’s local authorities and the overall numbers of participants (players, coaches, volunteers, staff etc).

Players must sanitize their hands upon entry to and exit from the court;
• No hand wiping on table surface;
• No breathing on the ball for tackiness;

Players must not use their own towels to wipe the match table. Players may indicate to Umpires if the match table needs cleaning. A designated person will
be asked to clean the table.

Umpires and players shall not shake hands at the end of the match. They can
choose to bow or a “hand-raising” salutation, whichever is more comfortable
while maintaining physical distance, regardless of formal and informal

Click here to read the ITTF’s COVID-19 Recommendations document in full.